iii Sponsorship & influencer collaboration

ways to work with Imagination INternational

Hello! Thank you for your interest in working with iii.

We are excited to hear about your event or project and how you think we can help!

Please review the category descriptions below, then select and complete the application that best matches your proposal. Once we receive your request, our team will review it and follow up with you as soon as possible.

(Please note that we do receive LOTS of proposals, so it may take up to 6 weeks for us to get back to you, and we need at least 60 days notice to coordinate sponsorship of an event.)

Apply for Sponsorship

Apply for a Sponsorship if... 

  • You represent a group or organization
  • You are seeking product donations to support an iii-relevant* event or program
  • You are seeking assistance from iii in promoting your iii-relevant event or program 

Apply to Collaborate

Apply for an Influencer Collaboration if...

  • You are an individual representing yourself only
  • You are an artist interested in product testing and/or reviews
  • You are interested in creating work using iii’s products
  • You are interested in promoting the iii brand or its products through your own blog, website, and/or social media channels
  • You are interested in creating instructional content for iii to feature on its website and social media channels
  • You are interested in doing demos or workshops for or in partnership with iii at trade shows, expos, or other events
  • You are interested in teaching others to use iii products in a live classroom or workshop setting